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Dedicated team of highly skilled IT professionals, that make your unique payment processing solution easier to develop, deploy and manage. We are here throughout the lifecycle of your product!

We work closely to understand your technical requirements needed for your business to grow.

Our depth of knowledge is unattainable elsewhere and we believe that your success is our success.

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Payment Processing

The Fintech market is complex, yet we’re dedicated to deploying the best and easiest way to move money online. We’ve developed our own platforms and formed strong partnerships capable of processing high volumes of digital payments.

We provide payment processing on a global basis incorporating its own networks and those of its partners. We are one of the first Fintech’s to become a Visa card issuer! This allows us to further the needs of our customers and with our wholly-owned subsidiary Flexewallet holding an AFSL, we are in a position to service a large global market.

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Looking for more functionality?

We have global experience creating and developing open-architected digital transaction technology solutions, which put us in a perfect position to develop Payment Processing platforms.

We are focused on solving problems and creating new opportunities in the fintech space across diverse industry sectors.

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